A chat with Chilled Out Coffee Roasters

From cracking hip-hop to first crack - a yarn with Jo from Chilled Out Coffee Roasters.

No matter where you look, the coffee industry is filled with people who are passionate. Not just passionate in the cliché sort of way that someone is passionate about spreadsheets, but in a way that fully has their heart.

Through the blog, I’ve had the chance to talk to some cracking people, and Jo from Chilled Out Coffee Roasters is no exception.

I stumbled across Chilled Out Coffee via an Instagram post from The Drumming Barista. He was brewing something that looked pretty special.

It caught my eye and I was interested right away. A quick Instagram chat and the exchange of some currency later, I had my own Colombian coffee extravaganza to get into.

The coffee was amazing.

So amazing I assumed it was roasted by an experienced roaster with big money investment and loads of people behind it. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This is the story of Jo from Chilled Out Coffee Roasters. A new roasting company that started IN THE MIDDLE OF PANDEMIC, is self-taught and filled with excitement, enthusiasm and the taste for amazing coffee.


Jo from Chilled Out Coffee Roasters

The Magic Roast: Hey Jo, tell us a bit about yourself!

Jo: Hello! my name is Jo and I own and operate Chilled Out Coffee Roasters. I have done hospitality since I was 15 and majority of that has been in coffee. I currently work as a Territory Business Development Manager for Alternative Dairy Co. But outside of coffee, I am a dancer that dances for Freshmans Dance Crew. 

TMR: Tell us about your coffee experience.

Jo: I've been a barista on and off for the last almost 15 years. I'm a competitive latte artist and have come 2nd at the Vitasoy Espress Yourself latte art competition in 2019. I was also a technical judge in the 2020 NZ National Latte Art competition. I'm very keen to do other competitions as well!

TMR: When did you get into roasting coffee?

Jo: I got into roasting during the 1st COVID-19 lockdown. It's been in my head because of my time working at Coffee Lab. The different amounts of coffees available and different roast profiles and all that just blew my mind. I found it so interesting as to how different flavour notes can come from the same bean if roasted differently. 

TMR: Why did you get into roasting? 

Jo: Honestly, curiosity. It just seems so cool to me! I was also looking at picking up another skill in the coffee industry just so I can somehow level up myself.

TMR: How did you learn the art of roasting? What do you roast on? 

Jo: A LOT of youtube videos, borrowing books from friends and talking to roaster friends in general. I currently roast on a Gene Cafe Roaster which I acquired after the 1st lockdown. 

TMR: Where do you take your roasting inspiration from?

Jo: A lot of different places. I love how different roasters have different roast profiles for the same beans sometimes so I thought I would try to find my own profiles and evolve from there. 

TMR: How do you source your green? 

Jo: I started off looking in google. Turns out there's so many green bean suppliers out there. But now, I currently grab my greens from Yellow Rooster Coffee and John Burton Ltd

TMR: Do you have any advice on how to get into roasting?

Jo: Do your research, know your budget and then be diligent on studying it. Also don't be afraid to make mistakes. It happens all the time. 

TMR: what is your favourite coffee, or what has been your favourite coffee drinking experience of all time?  Something that sticks in your mind for all the right reasons? 

Jo: It's really hard to tell, but one that comes to mind was my first ever Chemex brew at Coffee General in Birkenhead in Auckland. From memory it was a Kenyan and it had a very distinct lime flavour to it.

Another one that pops into mind was a Colombian Gesha I had bought from Viking Coffee Roasters during the 1st lockdown. I was trying to support the local coffee industry by buying bags of coffee from small roasteries, but the reason why Viking stands out is because as I was about to brew it, the owner actually sent me a message on Instagram and gave me his preferred brew method.

My oh my did that coffee sing me songs from angels.  

Wow. What a legend, right?

Jo was super kind with his time and it was great to have a yarn with someone like Jo who is proof you can take a passion for something and turn your dream into reality.

Website live now!

Chilled Out Coffee Roasters has just launched a new website: www.chilledoutcoffee.co.nz

They have a great range of coffee for you to try. I recommend the Colombia Fruit Punch which was part of the one year birthday special I got my hands on. It was mad.

Thanks for reading

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Until next time. Legends.