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Bean of the month #4

Bean of the month #4

Anaerobic fermentation - my bean of the month

Welcome back to The Magic Roast’s BEAN OF THE MONTH. This is a short audio blast to the ear drums where I tell you about an amazing coffee you need to try.

Now this month’s coffee isn’t actually a specific bean from a specific roaster. It’s actually coffee processing method. Anaerobic fermentation.

Check out the podcast above to hear more about this amazing process method.

You can read more about anaerobic fermentation over on Sprudge, or check out this article about processing generally, from A Perfect Daily Grind.

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Getting my brew on

In the episode I talk about two amazing anaerobically fermented coffees.

Silverskin rocking out

One was the amazing as hell Colombia Mesa Alta, roasted by micro-roaster Silverskin Coffee. This was put through a 42 hour anaerobic fermentation before a further 35 days drying in the sun. The result was a really amazing, fruity coffee that shone as a V60.

I picked this bag up from the good folks at Cafe New Chapter in Wellington.

The other was a coffee that made me rethink coffee - the Honey Anaerobic Castillo by Leonid Ramierz, roasted by Frank’s Coffee Roasters in Wellington. This one was mad. Proper mad. Strawberry icecream sort of vibes. Something I never expected to taste in a coffee.

Coffee of 2022? Franks Leonid Ramierz

It fact, it didn’t taste like coffee - if this had been presented as a non-coffee drink, I would have believed This was an awesome treat, expertly brewed by Kirk at Trade School Kitchen in Lower Hutt - Wellington’s best kept coffee secret.

Thanks for listening!

I’m experimenting with some different podcasting tools and it’s a bit of a journey, as I don’t actually own my laptop and I’m doing everyone on an android phone. It’s a bit of all ball ache at times but I’m still learning.

Let me know what you think and if there are other beans or parts of the coffee world you want me to experiment with.

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