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Nice work! and awesome piece. Made me laugh and definitely echoed a few of my own experiences and thoughts although, touch wood I haven’t had to dash off trail in that capacity while chasing my 1/2 marathon dream. I can say it’s hard finding a tree to hide behind to take a piss when you’re running around Ruapehu. I completed the Goat in January, but that didn’t satisfy the 1/2 marathon itch. Ran the Pouakai circuit in February, but that wasn’t a race (although 24km), so it also didn’t quite satisfy the itch, although it lead to the paradox, if it’s not on Strava, did it happen? Sonif it’s on stabs as 21km is that a 1/2 marathon?

Either way, I’m eyeing up the Rotorua 1/2 in May to tick the box.

Keep an eye out for the Tongariro trail festival if you’re up for an intermediate length (32km). I would have hit it, but was busy last weekend. Maybe next year.

Run on.

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