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Nice words… I feel even Christchurch is kicking Wellingtons ass. But Auckland is the current leader of the pack 🤓 much love to Wellington but it’s not been the capital of innovation and specialty coffee for a while.

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Thanks Emma! Yeah, some great stuff coming out of Christchurch at the mo. @thedrummingbarista is reppin them hard and I'm discovering heaps more of that scene Thanks to Sean.

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That's all very true.

I'd say Auckland and Christchurch are ahead of Wellington these days.

Wellington only has 1 spot that I would recommend now that's Pour and Twist. Auckland Central has 6 I can goto and feel confident in a great experience

- daily daily - K Road

- Rumours - Chancery

- Ozone - Westmoreland/grey lynn

- Red Rabbit - Parnell and Newmarket

- Candy Shop - Newmarket

- Espresso Workshop or Kokako - Britomart

- Society - North Harbour

- Ark Coffee - North Harbour

Christchurch is popping up there slowly because of places like Embassy, Sala, C4, Crafted Coffee, Bunsen, SouthTown Club. All offer unique offerings at differing prices and vibes

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Thanks for that Aaron! I tautoko that. Daily Daily is a great spot, Ozone always deliver an interesting experience and Red Rabbit is a boss (formally of Wellington, of course).

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