This was awesome bro. Such a good read and please keep these coming. Never noticed Aeropress' choice of words around their new and 'Innovative' #RipOff Product.

Things You Should Know - Casually blowing my mind and giving me a good 5-minute read each week.


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Cheers my bro! Yeah, the whole idea around snackable content isn't new, but there are a few things that pop up in my world that made it make sense to do something like this. It also forces me to lift my eyes above my day-to-day to look for things that are interesting to me - so in a selfish way, it's all about me expanding my coffee news!

And yeah, I never picked up the AeroPress language until last week, and it made no sense! Nothing innovative about it - im sure it's a great product, but marketing it as new and innovative is lazy and misleading. Lols though, they liked my Insta post about this weeks update :D

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