Recipes and brew methods

This is a collection of all the recipes and brew methods covered on The Magic Roast.

This page will be updated as I discover amazing new ways of making coffee.

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Cold coffee

Flash cold brew

The Lance Hedrick method for flash cold brews.

Flash cold brews bring all the brilliance, clarity and delicate nature of filter coffee, but chilled.

  • Brewer: V60/Kalita

  • Ratio: 1:12.

  • Coffee: 20g - medium/fine grind.

  • Water: 240g water at 95 degrees.

  • Ice: 60g ice.

  • TBT: 2-3 minutes.

Brew the V60 as normal, but over ice.

Add more ice to cool down the brew quicker.

Serve over ice.

Cold drip

Cold drip introduces water very slowly, often over a number of hours.

It creates a low-acidity coffee concentrate that you can add water too, to dilute.

Hint: use a filter paper on top of the coffee bed as a screen to make sure the water doesn’t channel.

Cold steep

Steep your coffee in water overnight for a great cold coffee option, that drinks like plunger.

  • Brewer: Any jug/box/jar/bottle - doesn’t matter. Though for ease of use, the Hario Mizudashi is great (for removing the coffee when you’re done).

  • Ratio: 1:14

  • Coffee: 80g - medium grind.

  • Water: 1150g - tap water is all good.

  • Steep: in the fridge.

  • TBT: 8 hours, or over night.

Hint: if you’re using a jug or something, decant the brewed coffee carefully and slowly into your storing vessel. Try not to disturb the grounds too much, so you have a clean and yummy cup.

Immersion Iced Coffee: James Hoffmann technique

James Hoffmann is the GOAT of coffee stuff. He’s come up with (yet another) iced coffee brew technique.

  • Brewer: Clever Dripper

  • Ratio: 1:13

  • Coffee: 37.5g -fine grind. Between espresso and pour over.

  • Water: 330g boiling water

  • Ice: 170g ice

  • Steep: at least 5 minutes

  • Add: a few drops of saline (20:80 salt to water. 5g salt in 20g water.)

Ratios for this recipe for different volumes(Using 75g/L, or about 1:13 as a ratio)

  • 1 Cup: 19g coffee, 165g hot water, 85g ice

  • 2 Cups: 37.5g coffee, 330g hot water, 170g ice

  • 3 Cups: 56.5g coffee, 495g hot water, 255g ice

  • 4 Cups: 75g coffee, 660g hot brew water, 340g ice

French Press/Plunger

The James Hoffman method is the GOAT of plunger - don’t bother with anything else (unlike the other brew methods here, where experimenting can be fun).

The key thing with this method is time. Let the coffee do it’s thing for a lot longer than you’d usually do for a French Press.

  • Brewer: French Press

  • Ratio: 1:16

  • Coffee: 30g medium grind (not coarse!)

  • Water: 500g 95 degress

  • TBT: 8-10 minutes

  • Method:

    • Add coffee into plunger and add in water.

    • Stir to make sure there aren’t any dry spots.

    • Wait: 4-5 minutes.

    • Stir the crust at the top of the slurry so most of the coffee grinds drop down.

    • With a spoon, scoop out the foam and bits on top. These bits are gross and make your coffee bitter. Yucky. Get rid of them.

    • Wait: 5 minutes. This is key. Patience, grass hopper.

    • Plunge the press - but not all the way down, as you’ll only kick up sediment. It’s job is to stop the chunks of coffee getting into your brew and it does that the best if it sits near the top of the liquid.

    • Carefully pour

    • Enjoy a delicious, bright and clean cup of coffee with little sediment or mud in your cup.


2023 WAC - Winning recipe

The key dets

The method

  1. Put 16g coffee into the AeroPress and pour hot water for 100g⁠

  2. At 0:30, use 1 side of a chopstick and stir for 5 seconds

  3. At 0:45 put in another 2g of coffee

  4. At 0:55 stir for another 5 seconds

  5. Press down the AeroPress to bring the plunger up and remove any excess air.

  6. Close the cap⁠

  7. At 1:35 flip carefully and press down for about 30 seconds. Your yield should be around 75g +/-⁠.

  8. Bypass with room temperature water to 115g⁠.

  9. Bypass with hot water to a total of 155g +/-⁠.

  10. Taste, and serve.⁠

  11. Become the 2023 World AeroPress Champion.⁠